Kepera – the Becoming of Spirit, a Key to Creation

The following passage is from the xvii chapter of the Egyptian Book of the Dead:

It is said of the Universal God Ra:

“Speak Universal Master”, he says after having become.

“it is I, the becoming of Kepera, when I became the becoming of those who became after my becoming, for numerous are the desires coming out of my mouth, when the Earth had not yet been formed, when the sons of the Earth who were not yet made: the snakes, out of whose dwelling I came, Out of this NUN* where I was among the dispirited, no place was found for me where I could stand up.

“I found in my heart that which should be useful to me and in the void that would serve me as a foundation, when I was alone, when I had not begotten Shut (space) when I had not yet spat out Tefnut (water), when no other divinity that would have been made with me had yet become. Therefore, I conceived myself in my own heart and the becoming of my numberous becomings of my becomings in the becomings of the children and in the becomings of their children.”

* NUN is understood to be a thinking nothingness/void or self-aware pre-spirit without form, where No Thing exists but It.

I contemplate this as a possible answer to questions like: If God is All, How Was God Created? Is God the God of Himself/Itself/Herself/Themselves?

Or, as we are individuated pieces of God, has God individuated non-mortal pieces of God’s own Spirit to rule over other individuations of her/his/its non-mortal Spirit?

It also gives me food for thought in terms of manifesting joy or success into one’s life. If we’re individuations of the same spirit, as is set forth in Conversations with God, then isn’t it possible that we have this power of creation somewhere within us, and must only learn to tap into it?

Because, if we think of ourselves in that same embryotic state of Godhood, and then become self-aware, in that self-awareness, are we not then capable of the same types of creation? Only, with a time delay implemented for our own safety?

I believe learning to create is one of the central purposes of mortality. It’s as if we’re on a test stage in this plane that we call reality, like the practice section of a video game. All the same rules of nature apply as when we’re in full game play mode, however, we can only cause a limited amount of destruction, and a limited amount of pain.

Until we over come all these things, including space, including the time delay of fulfillment. Then we have the power to create or destroy our world.

A friend and I wrote about this concept of Kepera in terms of people we were in love with at the time, which I’ll post next.

Wikipedia – Kepera also spelled Khepera means to come into being in Egyptian.

2 thoughts on “Kepera – the Becoming of Spirit, a Key to Creation

  1. I appreciated and liked this. Not only providing insight, but also asking questions to self and answering. Give thanks.

  2. You’re welcome. It took years of reflection for me to understand that passage but I have always been fascinated by it.

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