Kepera, a collaboration*

in a dreamless night…
where only stardust clothed my after thoughts of you before i saw you smile at me from the dark side of the moon…
you remind me what water tastes like
..or snowflakes on June days in Georgia…
or young love in the twilight of an after life…you remind me of my future past…

i am shy inside, my thoughts darkened with the precious words that lay on your breath, sending me a gentle breeze of adoration.
you make me feel as light as the step of those freshly in love… i turn on satin sheets to the painful emptiness of my bed, clutching thoughts of you to my sweat soaked body.

I will become you. . .and you will become me. . living out all ancient allegories. . becoming the trees of knowledge and the potters wheal of an infinite galaxy. . inhaling life. . . exhaling rosaries that bend in the windpipe of my hindsight. . .

I’ve seen you somewhere before. . perhaps in a future life?

i will meet you soon, maybe yesterday, maybe i have already been with you tomorrow. i can feel your rebirth inside me from before we were born. the ribbon that is time ties us together, ever bound with an echo of our shadows within each other….

i miss you even though you are always here, in the molecules of the yearning between my thighs, on the song of my skin recalling your hair, when the sun sets, painting miracles of ocular intoxication within a mood that reminds me of the you i have yet to meet.
this excites me.

…almost to the point of intoxication or orgasmic hallucination. . I’m imagining the love I would make for you . . a gift to be hung around the sun in every galaxy from here to kingdommmm. . . gone . .in a billionth of a second. . in the moment it took to bat an eye. . . . . luv becomes moon dust. . ancient as the galaxy. .

i sit inside this infinite second of love that i want to selfishly share with you, if only to see your smile rival the stars and shatter time, placing us in the stillest waters of eternity where we could bathe in each others gaze.

when i find a gift of myself to give you it will have no beginning and no end, only the continum of the pleasure awakening my being from the knowledge that i make you happy, if only for a brief forever…

cause we make me happy . . .and your kiss is the life blossom in valley of the reality of death. . .

and us makes me blush… your touch is the birth of every dewdrop of joy that ever brushed against the springtime of our next lives

I stand in that place in space and time where possibilities echo. . where words and dreams that have never been seen are the only reality. . and you are within me. .


and the very cause of our desire is its manifestation… born to spirtualize the meaning of our existence…pieces of each other set to flow back into the oneness we came from in one another.. i are you you be us we am me in them that is i and all of this will come to pass in our pasts…


This was a poem written by myself and the friend of mine who painted the soul and memory likeness of me before we would ever have the chance to meet. He painted it without pictures, just a description and an idea of me in his head. We were close friends, once a bit romantically so, but never in a serious relationship.

In fact, at the time of this writing, we were both writing about other people. My contribution is the italicized portion.

I’ll post a snapshot of the painting next. Then off to bed with me, finally.

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