Fudge Cancer Update and Heartfelt Thanks

Fudge Cancer?

notmycancerMy colleagues and friends have worked very hard to put together this fundraiser for me.

The head troublemaker, Kathy Korman Frey, called it Fudge cancer to make it more friendly for reading that the other F word that I like to say so much.

If it gets to 100% it means I can

  • take a couple of months off for treatment/surgery
  • catch up on bills now, and stop paying late for at least 2 months
  • keep my remaining company in business,
  • continue to bring the internet community free tips, information and services so people who can’t afford my personal help can get started.

It’s pretty common now, to be able to find free information about marketing online, but it’s not still not easy to vet which information is worthwhile.

My sites have been providing that service since 2002, before blogging was popular, and before you could find any search, social or marketing information online without paying for it – and possibly getting ripped off.

If this fundraiser fails to hit our target, I’ll still have to stop working during treatment for the secondary cancer, without replacements or support, for an undetermined length of time once my break between treatments is over.

Not to mention that all the freelancers and small businesses I outsource support services to will lose a long term client (who pays on time!).

I had to let my former partners put the flagship site I ran my business from up fpr sale, a site worth $100,000 in search advertising, without sharing in the profits. My remaining business does not have a similar track record to fall back on as it’s much newer.

If only you could sell your reputation – lol I’d be a millionaire!

Right now I just want to get through this next treatment period without going broke.

We’re Halfway with One Week Left

Here’s the current status of the fundraiser.

Me on the first chemo day in August.

Me on the first chemo day in August.

Out of the $7500 that will cover my extra medical expenses and bills during leave, as well as the co-pay for the medications I need, we have raised $4537 as of this morning which puts us 60% of the way.

We need to raise $423.29 per day to reach our goal by next Tuesday. That’s a lot, but our average donation is $100. That’s 29 more people in the next 7 days.

Why next Tuesday? That marks halfway through my break between treatments. By next week Wednesday I’ll have gone for my lung biopsy and be referred to Dr. Cheson at the Lombardi Center in Georgetown.

The rest of the break period I’ll constantly be going for all the scans and checkups needed before I can start more chemotherapy, radiation, surgery or any combination.

I’ll have to drop back my working hours even more than they are now. I won’t have time to promote a fundraiser during that time, nor much else aside from possibly a few coaching sessions.

If you can please donate even $10, that IS helpful because that can cover half of my medication co-pays or one of the vitamin mega doses that isn’t covered by my insurance. I know some of you wish to do so quietly. There are anonymous ways to contribute so only I would know who you are so I could thank you.

Other ways you can help


If you want to help, have already donated, or can’t afford to donate, there are three other things you can do.

1- Share my blogs posts when you read them, especially on Facebook or Twitter or by email/text.

This brings the most donations – mutual acquaintances & strangers alike are more likely to donate after reading my story.

2- Pin images from this site or the fundraiser page to Pinterest.

3- Share links to my fundraiser updates. To get the links, click the email button on any individual update or just share them from my Facebook profile.

If this fundraiser goes well, I will be able to catch up on bills and keep at least one of my two businesses when this is all over.

Some suggested links to share

Here’s the link to the fundraiser:

8 popular posts to share, where you can also find images to pin:

  1. Not My Cancer
  2. Practice saying “I have cancer”
  3. Chemo
  4. Biopsy Hilarity
  5. Boob shirts and Mediports
  6. Family, Friends and Benadryl Highs
  7. IDGAF
  8. It’s Faith in the Miracle I’m Here at All

There are at least 30 more, but these are the ones people talk about the most it seems.

You can use any images of me from this site, or quotes put on images like the ones below. are also fair game.

Again, even if you can only spare $10 to help get us to the finish line, or share the fundraiser by email, text or social media, please do.

It all helps. You may reach a mutual acquaintance that I haven’t had the energy to write to yet.

Considering that it takes me weeks to write a blog post, and can really only manage one email a day, it really does help out a great deal more than you can imagine.

Thanks so much for all of your help so far and in the future.

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