How Much Time Are You Wasting UN-Creating? Part 2

  In the last post we talked about how 17 seconds of unfocused, non-contradicting thought it equal to about a workday, and that about 2 hours worth would amount to about a year, working every day of the week. (If you could somehow work 24 hours a day, it would be more like 6 hours.)

How Much Time Are You Wasting by UN-Creating? Part 1

  Dr. Robert Anthony says, in the How to Be Rich series says 17 seconds of focused, non-contradicting thought is equivalent to 10 hours of physical work. So if keeping a positive thought in your head about what you want to attain, is about the amount of work as a work day, then 7 times

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Re-learning Visualization

I’ve been thinking a lot today about how to create the best mental foundation for the physical reality I’m in, and I was reading my Thoughts from the Universe that I’ve been missing the last 73 days. And I came across one that stresses visualization…. and you know what?