More about the chemo experience – now with resources! #Lymphoma #cll

I say almost nothing because it’s not as if everything is all rainbow-farting unicorns. There are symptoms you have every day that are so minor you forget to mention them when the major ones are happening. Or that as a symptom itself, ie forgetting things or being generally confused, also known as brain fog or chemo brain.

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What the Hell is CLL?

This disease is confusing, even to people who have dealt with cancer before. In fact, I just tried a new cancer app, made by people who have had cancer, and they have CLL classified as Leukemia. I wrote to express the importance of filing it under Lymphoma, which you can read about in the “who cares”

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Lymphoma’s actually not an ugly word. Might even be described as pleasant if one had no idea what it was. It’s certainly less terrifying than what it is.