More about the chemo experience – now with resources! #Lymphoma #cll

I say almost nothing because it’s not as if everything is all rainbow-farting unicorns. There are symptoms you have every day that are so minor you forget to mention them when the major ones are happening. Or that as a symptom itself, ie forgetting things or being generally confused, also known as brain fog or chemo brain.

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Recovering from Chemo Is Even MORE Awesome at night – Part Two

Come on, laugh. I am completely held together by your support and the sound of our laughter. Don’t make me guilt trip you. I was taught by Naija guilt trip NINJAS.

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A Day In the Life – What Happens After a Chemotherapy Cycle Part One

Why are we singling out Russian race horse volumes of pee? This is a blatant stereotype and we as a people- no as a society — FOR FUCK SAKE AM I STILL PISSING? JESUS TIBERIUS CHRIST ON A CRACKER.

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